Nippers is a fun and safe way to introduce the lifesavers of tomorrow to the ocean environment.
On Sundays from October till March, children aged 5 to 14 will participate in activities aimed at teaching the basics of surf awareness and water safety. Surf knowledge and techniques are gradually introduced in relation to age and ability.

U9-U14 age groups can compete for the club at various carnivals scheduled throughout the season.
Above all kids will have FUN on the beach and in the water, and make lots of new friends.


NIPPERS 2020/2021

  • Under 6’s,  7’s & 8’s – 8.15am for 8.30am Start – 9.30am Finish.
  • Under 9’s to Under 14’s – 9.45am for 10am Start – 11.00-11.30am Finish



Planning in progress. Stay tuned.


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Download our Smartphone App

  • Download “Team App” from iTunes or Google Play.
  • Sign up to “Team App”, receive your confirmation email, Log In, find “Collaroy Nippers”, click on our logo, hit “Continue” on the “Welcome” screen and have a look around.
  • You can do the same thing from a laptop or desktop, just go to https;//collaroynippers.teamapp.com.


NEW MEMBERS 2020/2021

U6’s, U7’s, U8’s and U9’s – registrations are CLOSED for this season.

Please bring the following to the club to register:
•  A completed membership application form.
•  Proof of age (birth certificate or passport) for your nipper.
•  Payment for membership fees (see below). Please bring cash or cheque as we do not have credit card facilities.

Registrations and renewals can also be completed online via the Surf Lifesaving Portal.



If you are renewing your registration from last season please update your details online. Click here to renew online and here for instructions. You will then need to pay your fees by Direct Deposit, EFT, Cash or Cheque.


Membership Fees – 2020/2021

Under 6’s to Under 14’s                                                         $100
Associate Member** (Minimum 1 Parent per family)     $   30
Family (2 Adults & 2 Children)*                                            $230
Family (2 Adults & 3 Children)*                                            $300

[*Includes Parents unless they want to compete at Senior Carnivals. These Parents are required to take out membership at the Senior Level.]

[**Associate Membership is for Nipper Parents who are involved in any Junior Activity. We require at lest one Parent to become an Associate Member. The Parent will need to complete a Member Protection Declaration and show photo proof of ID (e.g. a Drivers Licence). Download the form here.]


Paying Membership Fees by EFT or Direct Deposit

Our bank details are:

Bank: Westpac Dee Why
Account name: Collaroy SLSC
BSB: 032 192
Account Number: 260 208
Reference: please enter your surname


Active Kids Rebate

If you would like to use an Active Kids Rebate to pay your membership fees please forward the voucher you received from Service NSW to collaroynipperssecretary@gmail.com, together with your child’s date of birth.  The voucher is valued up to $100, please pay any fees over this amount to the Club bank account as detailed above.


Nippers Age Groups and Proficiency Tests

The Nippers Age Groups run from Under 6’s through to Under 14’s based on your child’s age at 30 September 2020.

Children are required to participate and compete in their appropriate age group. A child may join the Club as soon as they turn 5 years.


Additional information on proficiency requirements for your age group.

Proficiency tests for Under 8’s and above will be held at the start of the season.

Please contact Craig Thomas for any further information – collaroynipperschairman@gmail.com.


The best way to keep up to date with Nippers Events is via Team App.

See instructions below on how to download it your phone or computer.

Team App Calendar – Calendar View

Team App Calendar – List View


Download our Smartphone App

  • Download “Team App” from iTunes or Google Play.
  • Sign up to “Team App”, receive your confirmation email, Log In, find “Collaroy Nippers”, click on our logo, hit “Continue” on the “Welcome” screen and have a look around.
  • You can do the same thing from a laptop or desktop, just go to https;//collaroynippers.teamapp.com.


last updated 19 November, 2020

Assisting at Carnivals

With the increasing requirements put on us as a club to officiate and assist with water safety at carnivals, we need at least one parent from each competing family to be either an accredited official or have or gain their bronze medallion to assist with water safety. If this minimum requirement isn’t reached then your child won’t be able to attend carnivals.

The more people we can get accredited the less times an individual will need to officiate or perform water safety at carnivals.

The expectation is that we would only need call on an individual once or twice per season.

The Officials course is an online course that only takes an hour to complete. You can access this course via the training section in the members portal – https://members.sls.com.au/SLSA_Online/modules/login/index.php.

  1. After logging in, select MEMBERSHIPS, then COURSES.
  2. Then click LOGIN to eLearning. You will be redirected to the eLearning portal.
  3. Once there click “training library”, then select SLS SPORT.
  4. Finally, choose the “SLS – Core Official Surf Life Saving” course

There is a $60 fee associated with this course however the club will reimburse you once the course is completed and the receipt is emailed to Craig Thomas at collaroynipperschairman@gmail.com.au.


2020/2021 Carnival Dates 

Click here to view the latest calendar

Results Archive

Season 2019/20

  • State Championships, Swansea Belmont, 2020. Results
  • Branch Championships, 2020. Results
  • Nipper Nats, Manly, 19 January 2020. Results
  • Beach Carnival, North Narrabeen, 15 December 2019. Results
  • Fast Fives, Mona Vale, 23 November 2019. Results
  • Fast & Furious, Freshwater, 17 November 2019. Results
  • Beach Carnival, Queenscliff, 3 November 2019. Results
  • Interbranch Selection Carnival, Newport, 26 October 2019. Results
  • Bennett Board, Dee Why, 20 October 2019. Results

Season 2018/19

  • State Championships, Blacksmiths Beach, 1-3 March 2019. Results
  • Branch Championships, 2019. Results
  • Nipper Nats, Manly, 20 January 2019. Results
  • Beach Carnival, Narrabeen, 13 January 2019. Results
  • Foamie Fast Fives, Dee Why, 9 December 2018. Results
  • Water Carnival, Newport, 3 November 2018. Results
  • Beach Carnival, Queenscliff, 28 October 2018. Results
  • Bennett Board, Dee Why, 21 October 2018. Results

Season 2017/18

  • Freshwater Fast & Furious “Water Only”, 26 November 2017. Results
  • North Steyne “Beach Only”, 12 November 2017. Results
  • Newport “Water Only”, 4 November 2017. Results
  • Queenscliff “Beach Only”, 28 October 2017. Results
  • Bennett Board at Dee Why, 22 October 2017. Results
  • Branch Championships. Results
  • Nipper Nats, Manly 28 January 2018.  Results
  • State Championships, Swansea Belmont, March 2-4, 2018.  Results

Season 2016/17

  • State at Blacksmith’s, 3-5 March 2017. Results and Point Score
  • Branch “Beach Only” at Narrabeen, 5 Feb 2017 and “Water Only” at Newport, 12 Feb 2017. Results and Point Score.
  • Narrabeen “Full Carnival”, 15 January 2017. Results.
  • Queenscliff “Teams Water”, 4 December 2016. Results
  • North Steyne “Beach Only”, 20 November 2016. Results
  • Newport “Water Only”, 12 November 2016. Results
  • Queenscliff “Beach Only”, 30 October 2016. Results
  • Bennett Board at Dee Why, 29 October 2016. Results

 Season 2015/16


Collaroy clothing and accessories can be purchased from the club at allotted times throughout the season. Members will be notified in advance via email, Team App and Facebook when the shop will be open.

Available Items

Girls 1 Piece Cossie – $45

Boys Jammers – $45

Boys Speedos – $30

Truckers Cap – $15

Hooded Towel – $55

Beach Towel – $38

Replacement Cap – $10

Replacement Pink Rashie – $20


The Nippers Handbook a.k.a The Red Book should cover pretty much everything you need to know about Collaroy Nippers.

Download it here

The first attempt was in 1965/66 started by Mick Chapman, Neil Montgomery ( father of Chris Montgomery) Peter Montgomery and Laurie Walsh – all Life Members of the Club.

Due to there never being a collective name for this group of youngsters within the movement they were called “Juveniles” until the name Nippers became prominent and so the nipper movement was born.

In their first season they had 185 Nippers registered with between 80 to 100 turning up every Sunday morning.

They capped off a great first season by winning the Branch Point score at their first attempt.

With the Nipper movement being in its infancy the Collaroy Club are credited with playing a major role in the growth of the Nipper Movement on the Northern Beaches.

Perhaps the club’s greatest claim to fame is that Collaroy hosted the FIRST OFFICIAL STATE NIPPER CHAMPIONSHIPS – on Sunday March 5th 1967 and the Carnival was sponsored by the chocolate drink called Ovaltine.

It was a massive undertaking for the club as 5,000 Nippers turned up from around the State.

By the end of the 1966/67 season the club had 140 registered Nippers and in that 18 month period some 14 youngsters had transferred to the Senior Club.

Unfortunately the good times weren’t to last and by the early 70’s despite many attempts to get fathers qualified (no ladies on the beach in those days – only in the kitchen) most parents had very limited surf skills and treated the Nippers as a Sunday morning child minding service and interest had waned considerably, accordingly the Collaroy Nippers folded.


Attempt #2 to establish Collaroy Nippers

The second attempt and as we know them to day started almost 30 years ago during the 1985/86 season by Neil Montgomery one of the founders from the 60’s who was keen to get so see some form of activity with his grandchildren.

Neil raised the topic with then Club Captain Bill Whitnall and despite fears that it could deteriorate once again into another child minding service run by the Senior Club an enthusiastic band of parents led by Rick and Robyn Dilger, Terry Mullane and John Dawson thought differently and with support from the Senior Club set about organising the clubs newest section.

The first Nipper Chairman was Terry Mullane ( who played a crucial role in the reformation) There is no doubt that over the years the Senior Club has benefitted greatly from the Nippers resurrection.

At the 1993 Branch Championships the Club won the overall  point score and the medals were shared between sand and surf.

By the 1993/94 season Collaroy JAB was placed in the top four clubs in the State.

During the 1994/95 season the Club won the point score at every carnival it competed in including the Branch Champs which the club hosted. Part of this success was attributed to the sheer number of Collaroy competitors.

Along the way Collaroy has won many Branch and State Medals with many Collaroy members reaping the rewards for their efforts by making Branch and State Representative teams.

In 1992/93 season a milestone was achieved when Carolyn Dilger became the first Nipper member to have gone through all JAB age groups before joining the Senior Club.

By the Mid 90’s such was the flow of Nippers coming through to the Senior Club that recently anointed Collaroy Life Member, John Lewis who had linked up with the Nippers in 1987 became the clubs Inaugural Liaison Officer to ensure that the transition was a comfortable one.


Craig Thomas

Collaroy SLSC
Nipper Chairman

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