A reminder to all members, a Skills Update must be completed prior to the 31st of December of each year or you will not be able to compete or patrol for the remainder of the season. You will also not be able to partake in any activities that require you to be proficient.

This year there seven dates to choose from :

Sunday October 29    Starting 11am
Saturday November 4  Starting 9am

Saturday November 18  Starting 9am

Sunday November 26  Starting 11am

Saturday December 9  Starting 9am

Sunday December 10 Starting 9am

Saturday December 16 Starting 11am

Before the Skills Update Day

You must complete the online update on the Members Area prior to attending the Skills Update.

For full instructions click here.

All members must be registered and membership fees paid prior to the Skills Update day.

On the Proficiency Day

Important : Bring your pink hi-vis vest and resus mask to the Skills Update morning.

Please arrive 10 to 15 mins prior to start time.
Ensure your name is recorded. No name = no attendance.

To maintain your Bronze/SRC proficiency you must complete the Run-Swim-Run
200-200-200 in 8 minutes for Bronze
100-100-100 in 5 minutes for SRC