Written by Collaroy Surf Club

Updated Patrol Roster

Please find attached the Patrol Roster for the remainder of the season.
There will however be another amendment when the next group of bronze members completes their training.
We continue to be in need of awards such as Silver medallion beach management  (patrol captain), Advanced Resuscitation Certificate, IRB Crew and IRB Driver. So much so I have had to combine patrols int the short term until these awards are obtained. If you are interested in any of these awards please contact your patrol captain, or email chiefinstructorcollaroy@gmail.com.
The more we can fill these roles, the less patrols we all have to do, the more flexibility we will have and the safer our beach will be!
If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Thanks for all you do volunteering on our beach!
Liz Green