East Coast Masters 2017

East Coast Masters 2017

Announcement Date: March 14, 2017

East Coast Masters Results!

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East Coast Masters Carnival (hosted by Collaroy) Sunday Feb 26

o    Shane Armstrong – 1st Board, 2nd Ski

o    Scott Bathie – 3rd Board

o    Craig Bathie – 1st 2k run

o    Linda McDowell – 1st 1k run

o    Louise Smallwood – 2nd 1k run, 2nd Flags

o    Kerrie Armstrong – 3rd Sprint, 1st Flags

o    William Wallace – 3rd Flags

o    Armstrong, Nguyen, S Bathie – 2nd Taplin

o    Board Rescue 1st C Bathie and S Bathie

o    Board Rescue 3rd W Wallace and M Bullivant

o    March Past Bears 1st, Ladies 2nd


·         SNB Branch Results can be seen at http://surflifesaving.net.au/pages/surf-sports/latest-carnival-results.php



·         NSW State Championships Blacksmiths Beach March 2017

o    Results can be seen at http://www.surflifesaving.com.au/event/2017-nsw-surf-life-saving-championships#results

o    Notable results

§  R&R

·         U15 2 person R&R 1st

·         Open Mixed 5 person R&R 1st

§  March Past

·         1st Ladies,

·         3rd Bears

§  Boats

·         2nd U23 Ladies,

·         2nd Reserve Men

§  Board & Ski

·         3rd U19 Ski Relay

§  Beach

·         Dean Scarff – 2nd Flags, 3rd Sprint

·         2nd Beach Relay

§  Masters

·         Ross Langbein 1st Sprint, 1st Flags

·         Louise Smallwood 2nd 1k run, 2nd Sprint, 2nd Flags

§  Nippers

·         2 person R&R 1st Hayden Brannon, Kai Shimakage

·         5 person R&R 2nd


·         Huge thank you to all the Officials, IRB Drivers and Crew, First Aid, Coaches and Gear Stewards plus the patrols at home that assisted Collaroy to compete at these carnivals