Aussie’s Gold Medalists!

Announcement Date: July 6, 2016

Congratulations to our Winners!

We had a swag of Gold Medalists from the recent Aussie’s – congratulations to all.

30-34 Male Beach Sprint: R Langbein
30-34 Male Beach Flags: R Langbein
30-34 Double Ski: G Armstrong and M G ittoes
65+ Female Beach Sprint: L Smallwood
65+ Female 1km Beach Run: L Smallwood
65+ Female Beach Flags: L Smallwood
Under 17 5 Person R&R: Collaroy White – J Arico, N Arico, A Baker, G Bathie, T Bowyer
Open March Past: Collaroy Bears – T Aouad, N Armstrong,M Bowyer, G Broome, P Ducker, R Levy, D Macintosh, G MacMahon (Coach), P MacMahon, K McKie, B Muncke, C Williams. T Loone (Assistant Coach)
Under 23 Mixed March Past: J Arico, N Arico, A Baker, G Bathie, N Bowyer, J de Kort, A Loone, C Loone, B Numa, K Numa, R Shimakage, A Suters